5 Mental Health Tips for Entrepreneurs with January LeVere


Keeping your mind strong is crucial, especially when you have your own business. Entrepreneurs face unique challenges when it comes to mental health. For one, there is the pressure of having your own business which can cause anxiety. Then, you are dealing with friends, family and work life balance. Depression can hit when things are slow and not going well. Isolation, chaos, and difficulty focusing can also happen, especially in earlier stages.

On the bright side, going into business for yourself can bring fulfillment and happiness on your own terms. January LeVere, owner of Community Care, was kind enough to offer some helpful mental health tips.


“Use your network for support. Having a great network will not only help to expand your business but will hold you accountable, help you not to fail and help you to remain positive in the face of adversity.”

Networking and connecting is a great way to get out and meet like minded people. Instead of focusing on the ones that don’t get it….focus on where you’re needed. Be opened about your struggles and ask for advice. On the flip side turn your mistakes into teaching opportunities. Share the lessons you’ve learned. When you meet someone you’re interested in collaborating with, go for it! Take a chance. Don’t play safe.

Know the Warning signs

Where do we draw the line between the healthy and unhealthy mind? Isn’t struggling a part of the game? Yes, but it’s important to know the warning signs and be proactive about getting the care you need. Struggling to swim is one thing…drowning is another. To stay afloat, January advises being proactive by knowing the warning signs, then taking action.

“Learn how to identify warning signs of depression and anxiety, so you are able to manage all facets of life (work and personal)- Seek a mental health professional who is able to assist with identifying your triggers and warning signs. Upon, identifying your triggers and warning signs you will be better equipped to manage your responsibilities as it pertains to work and personal life.”

“Some warning signs are trouble concentrating and making decisions, fatigue, feelings of guilt, pessimism, insomnia, restlessness, and suicidal thoughts,” she adds.

Don’t just go on WebMD and be like “I think I’m OK”. Pick up the phone and make an appointment with your doctor or therapist if you notice any of these signs.

Inspire Wellness

“Inspire wellness habits including those around you (staff, family, etc…) to foster a healthy balance.”

If you need a break, go for a walk. Cronuts may be fabulous but so are fruits and veggies. Having healthy habits like eating well, exercising, and meditating aren’t just good for the body but the mind too. Good habits spread like wildfire, creating positive environments, as others follow suit.

Get On A Daily Regimen

Let consistency and self-awareness be your superpowers. Empower yourself by learning how your brain works and what makes you tick by doing things like journaling and meditation.

“Implement a daily regimen that keeps you personally responsible for your mental state and to help you stay cognoscente of your triggers (journal, meditation, etc…) You will need to identify distressing methods that works better for your lifestyle,” January advises.


“Delegating is VITAL! Most entrepreneurs know the importance of delegation. You’re only as strong as the team you are leading. Working together is SUCCESS, coming together is the BEGINNING and keeping together is PROGRESS.”

This one’s all about teamwork. It’s so hard when you’re doing everything yourself. Even those with a team will try to do everything because they only trust their vision. By letting others help you, you will be less likely to burnout and things will be under control. When you look at most leaders, they have a team behind them. No one is doing it 100% on their own!

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