Is It Time For A Virtual Assistant?


Our guest blogger today is Kelly Hubbard, owner ofVirtually Virtual Assistants. Her company helps entrepreneurs work more efficiently by offering essential services. If you’re considering getting a virtual assistant, read on!

Virtual assistants free up your time so you can focus on creative planning and business growth. As an entrepreneur, we usually start out as a one-person show. You are literally HR, payroll, marketing, CEO, COO, legal, admin, business development, and that’s not mentioning the work you do to provide the actual service or creating the product. There comes a point in every entrepreneur’s journey that they get overwhelmed with running the business alone. You may not be quite ready to hire an employee because you’re still working out of your home office (or couch). This is when you need to invest in a virtual assistant.

The most successful people understand that hiring good administrative help early on is essential to business growth. As with anything there are pro and cons to everything. After reading this post hopefully you can avoid the cons of a virtual assistant business relationship.

There are so many great benefits to using a virtual assistant. The main pros are saving money, having a dedicated person to focus on core administrative functions, more time for you to run your business. You don’t have to incur the costs of hiring a regular employee. Like office space & equipment, benefits, tax responsibilities. Virtual assistants have all of that taken care of on their own! You don’t have to worry about your reoccurring administrative tasks. This gives you more time for business development and life (let’s not forget about that).

There can be a few cons when hiring a virtual assistant. Depending on what company you decide to hire there maybe a bit of a language barrier (ie overseas assistants). There can be a learning curve for your business’s personality, language, and overall brand image. Finding the right fit may be difficult at first if you don’t know what to expect.

How to effectively use your virtual assistant

We know that you need an assistant, and can see the benefits of having one, now you need to know how to best use them. This section will help you avoid those cons we talked about. Here are some tips to get the most out of your virtual assistant. What’s the point of hiring help if you don’t maximize the business relationship?


You need to sit down and write out your business processes. This is how you can come up with the functions that you can delegate to your virtual assistant. These tasks and duties need to be clearly stated to your assistant. This will allow you and your assistant to have clearly understood expectations and standards.

You also should determine the structure of the relationship so that it compliments your work style and your brand. This is extremely important! You need to determine what type of communication will work best to keep your assistant in loop with day to day changes and added tasks. Your assistant needs to know which form of communication you’re already most responsive to. Though they will be able to efficiently run your business there will be times where they will need to check in with you and get a quick response.

Train Your Virtual Assistant

It’s understood that you are hiring a virtual assistant because you don’t have the time to keep up with all of your administrative functions. However, you still need to set about 2–3 hours in the very beginning to video chat your virtual assistant so that you can teach them how to be an integral part of your team. Training and business standards are key to your virtual assistant’s success in helping your business growth. They need to have a thorough understanding of your business, goals, and brand. This will help them put out fires or make decisions when you’re not available. This will translate to more time for you and less time micromanaging your assistant.

Regular Communication

Even after you’ve trained your virtual assistant you will need to communicate with them regularly to make sure they are helping your business grow in whatever direction its pulled in. This will also allow your virtual assistant to make suggestions on making your processes more efficient as they go. A good virtual assistant will also be able to give you recommendations on new policies, products, and services you’d like to implement. You can use your virtual assistant as a sound board to help you talk/plan out the ideas you have but can’t quite figure out how to accomplish them. We suggest you have weekly calls (video or phone), at the very least, to go over changes from week to week as well as tasks priorities for the next week. You can also use this time to evaluate your assistant’s progress, time remaining, and outstanding tasks. Regular communication is key to having a healthy business relationship with your virtual assistant.

Written by our guest blogger Kelly Hubbard, owner of Virtually Virtual Assistants.

Virtually is a virtual assistant company based out of the DC Metropolitan area. They help entrepreneurs all over the country with their administrative tasks and business growth. As successful entrepreneurs ourselves we understand the hard work and dedication it takes to build a business. Every client who works with Virtually gets an assistant who becomes invested in your business’ growth. We work with creatives, law professionals, service businesses, non-profits, real estate professionals, and startups of all kinds! Helping each business we work with flourish in the way that they intended, even as it changes and transforms. We have a passion for learning new businesses and helping entrepreneurs curate their dream lives! Please visit our website for more information and to schedule your free 15 minute consultation call. | 240.842.3255

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